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Food Service Innovation

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Within the retail foodservice arena, Maurice's innovation capability centers on a client's retail brand, brand identity and positioning, product offer, retail format(s) and concepts, all of which in total represents the retailers' business model.

Today, the retail foodservice business is being reshaped by new vibrant formats. These formats are entering the retail landscape as well as cross-channel merchants who are broadening their channel reachs to include fresh foods and fresh-brewed specialty coffee beverage drinks along with uniquely conceived food offerings. Clearly, the only constant today is that change is occurring from both within the competitive set, and from cross-channel new competitors at a faster and faster pace.

At times, in fact, it seems that 'cross-channel' has migrated to 'one channel' and everyone in the marketplace is really competing for the same consumer. This consumer expects more, has significantly higher quality and service expectations, and quickly disregards prior loyalties to shop the marketplace for the retailer(s) capable of meeting not only their need occasions, but also their expectations. These intense pressures from both competitors and from consumers compel retailers to stay at the leading edge of their business, or risk losing market share.

Maurice provides retailers with fresh solutions. These solutions are tailored to each client's requirements with focus always on the client's customers. 'Inventive Solutions' are developed from years of successful, experienced and passionate insights of the foodservice and fresh beverage retail business.

Maurice is an expert innovation resource for the foodservice and fresh beverage retail Industry. Maurice P. Minno provides a broad and comprehensive range of innovation consulting services, serving as a consultant, to enhance an organization's resources and capabilities.

Maurice's work includes:

  • New concept business model development, along with the concepts for and the details of format positioning.
  • Strategic positioning - annual and strategic tactical planning.
  • Fresh food, fresh-brewed and specialty coffee and other new-to-market concepts and product development, and necessary supporting supply chain requirements.
  • Fresh food merchandising - 'Inventive Solutions'.
  • Operation diagnostic reviews, processes and performance enhancement.
  • Marketing and promotion planning.
  • Physical and graphic design of retail environments which are intended to delight customers.

The objective of Maurice's work is to create genuine and sustainable customer value. Within the food service retail business, He focuses on a number of sectors for consulting and in serving as an expert consultant.

The following retail sectors are where Maurice is considered expert:

  • Convenience Stores,
  • On-the-Go Foodservice,
  • Non-traditional Foodservice Channels (e.g., Supermarkets, Office Buildings),
  • Coffee and Specialty Coffee,
  • Restaurants -- Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), along with Fast Casual and Casual Restaurants, and
  • Managed Food Services (e.g., business and education food services, the US Military, among others).

Maurice's primary work sectors are:

On-the-Go Food

Coffee: Fresh-Brewed
& Specialty Coffee Store

Convenience Store

Food Service

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