Maurice P. Minno: Board Director – Foodservice & Coffee Retail Innovator


On-the-Go Foodservice Consulting

Circle K Japan Senior Leadership Team, Maurice Minno First Row, Right

Examples of services typically provided by Maurice to foodservice and on-the-go food retailers include:

Self service Bakery Cafe with New Merchandising and K-Minus Product Assortment

Self Service Bakery Café with New Merchandising and Baked Product Assortment

Sandwich and Bakery Café Concept

Sandwich and Bakery Café Concept

Wawa Express – Prototype New Retail Format

Wawa Express - Prototype New Retail Format Featuring Fresh Made Foods and Espresso Beverages

Order Innovation - Self Service Fresh Food Order Terminals

Customer Order Innovation - Self Service Fresh Food Order Terminals

  • Operations Diagnostic Reviews - An expert, comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the retail operation including: the menu/offer, procurement product supply chain, production systems, management processes and procedures, staffing, customer service, guest satisfaction measurement and management, financial performance metrics and results, marketing, merchandising, and the standards of operation. An action plan detailing solutions for refinement and improvement of the retail operation typically is one of the deliverables resulting from a Diagnostic Review.
  • Business Model Development - Starting with an Operations Diagnostic Review, or independently, Maurice is expert in developing foodservice business models. This work typically includes: establishing the strategic direction (the go forward strategic business plan); the brand, brand identity, and positioning; brand imagery - graphics and messaging; the menu; format physical layout schematic plans; environmental features and sensual cues; interior concepts; equipment; the operations model and performance metrics and merchandising.
  • Concept Refinement and Renewal - Renewing a tired concept which is now underperforming on critical performance metrics requires fresh thinking and solutions. Maurice is this expert resource. Maurice's view is holistic in scope, yet always grounded on the customer - your current customer, the customer you would like to attract and on your competitive set of customers. Starting with the business model, Maurice works with you and your team to develop the right go-forward direction and key supporting components which includes all of the physical and graphic environments necessary to bring your concept and business model alive at store level.

       Exxon Mobile store
Exxon Mobil New Store Prototype Planning Workshop by Maurice P. Minno

A sampling of work completed by Maurice in this sector includes:

  • Directed the concept innovation and operations of a multi-unit sandwich, bakery and coffee café business (180 unit chain).
    • Concentrated on culinary development, facility ergonomic value engineering and launch of a comprehensive new product offer. Resulted in direct equipment cost reductions of $1.3 m and annual labor savings of $874 k.
  • Enhanced the US real estate foodservice site selection model for a large multi-unit chain retailer.
    • Incorporated into the real estate selection model new qualitative and quantitative foodservice retail criteria. Adopted as the company standard.
  • Delivered strategic and tactical leadership to the annual strategic planning and final plan alignment process for several prominent food service businesses:
    • National foodservice business (over 1,000 units) with annual revenues over $1 b,
    • National foodservice retail business (1,860 units) with $194 m in annual foodservice revenue,
    • Regional foodservice business (500 units) with annual fresh food and coffee sales of $329 m, and
    • Contract management foodservice business, six business divisions, with annual sales of $225 m.

For more information, please read Maurice's recent article:
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