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Maurice P. Minno

Maurice Minno Inspecting Kitchen
Maurice Minno Inspecting a Kitchen in a BP Wild Bean Cafe

irce K Japan Inspection
Maurice Minno Preparing for a Circle K Japan Commissary Inspection as a Member of Circle K's Senior Leadership Team

Exxon Mobile Planning Workshop
Maurice Minno Leading Exxon Mobil's New Store Prototype Planning Workshop

Maurice Minno Leading Raley's New Store Prototype Workshop
Maurice Minno Leading Raley's New Store Prototype Workshop

Store Benchmarking
Maurice Minno Store Benchmarking

BP Wild Bean Cafe Maurice Minno Store Inspection with Au Bon Pain
BP Wild Bean Cafe Maurice Minno Store Inspection with Au Bon Pain

Raley's Knob Hill Markets Small Store Planning
Small Store Planning by Maurice Minno for Raley's and Knob Hill Markets

Maurice Minno Conducting Store Inspection 7-Eleven's Big Eats
Maurice Minno Foodservice Strategic Planning Project for 7-Eleven's Big Eats Fresh Food Program

In the final analysis, experience is what ultimately makes the difference when clients engage a professional consultant. Practical experience combined with sound technical training assures clients of the best quality services. Maurice has deep marketing, purchasing, new concept development and general management experience in most areas of the foodservice, retail and hospitality industries.

Biographical Brief Highlights

  • Master's Degree from the Cornell School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration.
  • More then eleven years of management consulting to a Fortune 500 list of foodservice, convenience retail, hotel and hospitality clients. Extensive expertise in strategic and tactical planning, new foodservice concept design and launch, multi-unit business development and turn-arounds.
  • Thirteen years in mid and senior management positions. Positions with two of the leading US foodservice/hospitality companies, the premiere fresh food convenience store retailer and the world's foremost speciality coffee retailer.
  • Member of the Cornell Hotel Society.


Maurice P. Minno
P.O. Box 702
Palm Springs, CA 92263, USA
E-mail: Maurice@MPMGroup.net

Experienced, innovative foodservice retail executive with a proven record of new business development and repositioning, resulting in rapid and profitable growth.


Innovation Leadership

  • Integrated nationally-branded fresh food concepts successfully into non-traditional retail venues.
  • Created, and launched chain-wide, new proprietary-branded retail concepts (500 unit chain).

    Developed leading-edge concepts for delicatessen, fresh made-to-order sandwiches, hot fresh foods, bakery and coffee businesses. Focused on the product offer, branding, supply chain management, operations standards and merchandising, among others.
  • Directed the concept innovation and operations of a multi-unit sandwich, bakery and coffee café business (180 unit chain).

    Concentrated on culinary development, facility ergonomic value engineering and launch of a comprehensive new product offer. Resulted in direct equipment cost reductions of $1.3 m and annual labor savings of $874 k.
  • Enhanced the US real estate foodservice site selection model.
    Incorporated new qualitative and quantitative foodservice retail criteria into the real estate site selection model. The model was adopted as the company standard.
  • Managed a strategic concept gap assessment and growth plan for a new, multi-unit retail coffee business.

    Resulted in enhancements to the business's strategy, product offer, retail format and development tactics, all in preparation for a planned entry into the US coffee retail business and positioning for global growth.
  • Created many new foodservice and beverage retail growth concepts (for one of the world's largest beverage companies).

    Focused on the US foodservice retail convenience business, as part of a foodservice retail innovation project.
  • Assessed the strategy, offer and operations for a large coffee and bakery retail business (300 unit chain).

    Identified opportunities, gaps and specific growth tactics centered on the product offer, the retail format, operations standards and execution, merchandising and marketing.
  • Enhanced the foodservice operating and format model (French bakery and deli concept; multi-unit chain). Improved the concept's operating and format model for application to non-traditional retail venues.
  • Developed the methodology for leveraging central regional bakery facilities in support of multiple retail concept outlets (world's leading foodservice and hospitality company).

    Leveraged bakery facilities located in every major US metropolitan area to support the bakery product needs of multiple, diverse, region-specific retail outlets.

Operations and Marketing Management

  • Led the strategic development, new program / offer launch and on-going fresh food business management for Starbucks, the world's leading coffee retailer; $236 m in annual foodservice sales.
  • Achieved significant sales, margin and supplier funding growth.
    • Grew year-over-year fresh food margins by $1 m.
    • Grew year-over-year food sales by two times the growth rate of the US restaurant industry (8.3% vs. 4.2%).
    • Grew year-over-year Subway sales 12.5% -- three times the industry growth (23 Subway units).
    • Negotiated $1.4 m in incremental annual coffee supplier funding.
  • Managed company owned and contract commissary-based fresh food production and distribution businesses in Arizona, New York, Los Angeles and Seattle, among others, for Starbucks.
  • Improved significantly the management organization and staffing guidelines of all US hotels and resorts (one of the world's leading foodservice management and hospitality companies).
  • Developed detailed foodservice management and operations staffing guidelines adopted as the company standard. Resulted in reductions in annual management and operations staffing costs of $5.5 m - for Marriott International.

Strategic Planning and Tactical Leadership

  • Delivered strategic and tactical leadership to the annual strategic planning and final plan alignment process for several businesses: 1. National foodservice business (over 1,000 units) with annual revenues over $1 b, 2. National foodservice retail business (1,860 units) with $194 m in annual foodservice revenues, 3. Regional foodservice business (500 units) with annual fresh food and coffee sales of $329 m, and 4. Contract management foodservice business, six business divisions, with annual sales of $225 m.

Key Positions

Background Summary

An experienced, innovative retail executive with a proven record of new business development and repositioning.

Recognized as a ‘subject matter expert’ in the fresh food, specialty coffee and quick serve 'on-the-go' foodservice retail business. Maurice (Maurice P. Minno) provides operators and suppliers expertise in:

  • Strategic positioning / planning,
  • Brand, concept and business audits,
  • Retail concept innovation,
  • Fresh food and beverage new offer development,
  • Marketing (category) management,
  • Operations’ process optimization and enhancement,
  • Retail merchandising, and
  • Procurement and supply chain innovation along with supply chain cost saving solutions.

Maurice has worked as an officer and senior-level executive for several of the US’s leading, multi-unit specialty coffee, convenience, food and hospitality businesses.

Professional Experience

1. Consulting: Principal, Executive Member and Foodservice Subject Matter Expert

Championed consulting innovation assignments focused on strategic concept positioning / re-positioning, business planning, performance enhancement, marketing, operations, strategic and tactical growth planning for the foodservice and hospitality industries.

Executive Member of Cayuga Hospitality Advisors where hospitality consulting is our business. Cayuga Hospitality Advisors is the world’s largest and most experienced network of hospitality consultants. The firm provides a wide range of services and assistance to the hotel, resort, club, casino, spa, foodservice and tourism industries worldwide.

Cayuga Hospitality Advisors has more than 150 members worldwide, virtually all graduates of the Cornell Hotel School. Members have an average of 25 to 35 years of hands-on hospitality industry experience, which translates into extraordinary expertise in all areas of the hospitality industries, while providing an unequaled network, committed to researching and solving any challenges for its clients.

Maurice P. Minno Group - 2006 to Present
Cayuga Hospitality Advisors - 2006 to 2014
ISUS (Inventive Strategy and Unique Solutions) - 2000 to 2012
Accenture, PLC - 2000 to 2002
Management Design Resources and The Food Design Workshop - 1981 to 1986

2. Board Director

A long-standing member of the Board of Directors for the leading, independent Western-states convenience store company operating more than 265 retail stores in eight western states. Annual sales exceed $2 billion. Member of the Compensation Committee.

Maverik, Inc. - 2001 to 2016

3. Director, US Fresh Foodservice Business

Directed the US fresh foodservice business for a leading global retail company with nearly 1,900 US retail units of which 1,100 were located on the West Coast (California, Nevada, Arizona and Pacific Northwest); 300 of the West Coast units were COCO’s (company owned and company operated). Maintained two offices with direct staff reports – West of Rockies Headquarters Office was in Los Angeles and the East of the Rockies Headquarters Office was located in Chicago.

BP and AMPM - 2003 to 2006

4. Vice President, Retail Fresh Food

Managed the US retail fresh food business while also overseeing the international food business’s strategic direction for the world’s largest and most respected coffee company.

Starbucks Coffee Company - 1999 to 2000

5. Vice President, Merchandising and Foodservice

Managed merchandising and the fresh foodservice business for one of the US’s top five convenience retail chains with 2,300 US stores.

Circle K - 1996 to 1997

6. Senior Director Marketing and Procurement, Fresh Foods and Coffee; National Director - Foodservice Branded Concepts

Hired as the National Director of Foodservice Branded Concepts, with responsibility for innovating and significantly growing the fresh food, delicatessen, coffee and fountain business for a prominent and highly respected Northeast retailer. Promoted to Senior Director of the company’s Marketing and Procurement Group. Championed new store prototype design development as the leader of the New Store Development Team. Served as an active member of the new gasoline retail store development team which resulted in the first retail fuel store in the company’s history. The company today has more than 650 retail stores, and of these, 365 of the stores now sell gasoline.

Wawa, Inc. - 1991 to 1996

7. Senior Project Director, New Food Concept Business Development; US Director of Strategic Planning; Senior Manager, Internal Management Consultant Department

Worked for two years as one of five members of the Finance Department’s Internal Management Consulting Group. Lead senior-level consulting projects across all of Marriott’s many businesses. Worked directly for Bill Marriott, Jr., and his two Presidents - the President of Marriott Hotels and the President of Marriott Foodservice.

Accomplishment examples:

  • Strategic Planning. Championed the strategic planning process for two of Marriott’s leading businesses. Forecast five year revenue growth for one of these businesses from $800 m to $1.2 b.
  • US Vending Business Growth Plan. Led a multi-disciplined team that analyzed the $18 b US vending market. Developed Marriott’s strategy for becoming the leading US provider of manual foodservice and vending services in target growth market segments. Identified opportunities to grow Marriott’s 5-year vending business from $69 m to $205 m.
  • US Hotel and Resort Staffing Optimization. Reviewed the foodservice business organization structure and staffing levels for all US Marriott hotels and resorts. Developed detailed staffing guidelines with quantitative and qualitative criteria. Reduced annual management staffing costs by an estimated $5.5 m.
  • US Bakery and Laundry Operations Sharing Across Multiple Businesses. Developed, at the Chairman’s request, a methodology for identifying opportunities to share Marriott regional bake shops and laundry operations across Marriott divisions. The methodology was subsequently implemented by Marriott’s Host Division.

Promoted to the US Director of Strategic Planning for one of Marriott’s billion dollar businesses – Marriott’s Business Food Services.

Promoted to Senior Director of New Food Concept Business Development. Responsible for incubating, testing and rolling out new Marriott foodservice business concepts.

Marriott International - 1986 to 1991

8. Manager, Headquarters Office, Management Consulting Division

Directed the headquarters management consulting office, while also providing oversight to the regional office’s management consulting staff, for one of the pre-eminent US foodservice management consulting and foodservice design firms. Undertook many complex foodservice / hospitality consulting projects for leading US hotel / resort, restaurant and fortune 500 companies. Worked on projects primarily involving new foodservice concept development, profitability / productivity improvement, feasibility studies, operations process enhancement and standardization, management contract reviews and management company strategic sourcing. Clients included: Hyatt Hotels, Princeton University, The Brookings Institution, IBM Corporation, AT&T, The New York Racing Association and The Library of Congress.

Cini-Grissom (now Cini-Little) Associates - 1977 to 1981

Awards and Special Recognition

  • Recipient of the coveted Helios Innovation Award for new fresh food product development. (2004)
  • Judge, two consecutive year term, The National Restaurant Association's Great Menu Awards Competition. (1983 -1984)

Published Articles


  • Masters (MPS), Cornell University, School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration.
  • BA, University of Pittsburgh, Economics and Psychology.

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